Using my knowledge of art history, experience, and familiarity with analog and digital tools I would like to RE-CONTEXTUALIZE old forms of beauty in a contemporary yet refreshing manner. A way that helps introduce people into the world of design and brings them up to date with the concerns of our society.

My focus began at a very young age, but did not mature until I attended the University of Colorado, Boulder. Living within close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, I concentrated strongly on my work. I began to discover how we can implement design into the world of everyday life to solve some of our biggest environmental challenges. I am now studying graphic design at The California Institute of the Arts. The rigorous coursework has allowed me to deepen my relationship with my artistic practice and give my imagination the means to travel universally. As I develop, I want to focus on communicating a sense of sustainability, but also modernity. My design should suggest the future, but remain mindful of shaping the audience's perspective through visual means.